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Jan 25, 2018

Episode 0065 - Oddball Car Types

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Train deals with ants in his...well...truck. Woodchuck is 0 and 2 with the Humvee and Hollywood, well Hollywood is here...and he actually is helpful this episode. Shocking! Then we get into oddball car manufacturers.


Show Notes


This week in cars:

11:17 3 Ton (6 Ton set) Jack Stands:


15:33 Oddball Car Makes

16:20 Delorean: 1973-Present TX, USA

PRV V-6 (Peugeot, Renault and Volvo):


21:52 Renault: 1899-present French Car Company


24:40 Peugeot French car company originally opened in 1810


29:21 Hudson: American Car Company 1909-1954 Detroit MI


30:50 AMC (American Motors Corp) 1954-1987 (Acquired Hudson at its’ demise)


33:55 AM General  1970 to current in South Bend Indiana


34:54 Willys Jeep (Willys-Overland) 1908-1963 Toledo Ohio


Train is helping

Ford buys Jag:

40:17 African Car Companies:



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