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Welcome to B Squad Hotrod where we are finding our way through hot rodding.

4 States, 3 Time zones, 2 sets of brothers, once a week.

Join us for the meat and bolts of car restoration.

Jun 24, 2018

Episode 0086 - Humvee and Fuel Systems

Humvee problems lead to talk on Fuel Systems. Lefty then looks for the fire truck and finds a rambler.


Show Notes

Ford Truck

Deal or Not:

Rambler Car

Jun 17, 2018

Episode 0085 - Buying on a Cold Approach

B Squad's recent experiences with cold approaches when buying or being asked to sell our cars.  With tips on how to, and not to, go about this type of interaction.


Show Notes:

Feed Back:

Areo Car on B Squad’s Facebook page, shared by Robb.

Jun 8, 2018

Episode 0084 - DIY or Pro work and Warranties

Talk on when to call the Pros or just plugging along yourself and warranties and when to get them and how B Squad will void them.


Show Notes:

Ford fire Truck

Gambler 500