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Welcome to B Squad Hotrod where we are finding our way through hot rodding.

4 States, 3 Time zones, 2 sets of brothers, once a week.

Join us for the meat and bolts of car restoration.

Aug 28, 2020

Episode 0195 - From Nothing to Ultimate Car Guy

Talking about having one of everything you need in the shop or garage. From tools to parts to hardware. Also an extra episode of B Squad is always a good idea.


Show Notes:

Diesel mechanics needed tools

Aug 21, 2020

Episode 194 - Making Parts Fit

Train has an unexpected but pleasant surprise on his transmission then we talk about how to or not to smash things with a hammer to make them fit.


Show Notes:

Hurst Shifter:

Aug 13, 2020

Episode 0193 - Trial Run for a Project

Have you got your project car running and ready to take it out for the first time. Hollywood and Woodchuck throw around some ideas about that after the Humvee takes it's first trip.


Show Notes:

National Museum of Military Vehicles:



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Aug 6, 2020

Episode 0192 - First Car Project Tips

Woodchuck and Lefty review an article from on 8 tips for building your first drift, or rather project, car.


Show Notes:

Drifted article


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