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Welcome to B Squad Hotrod where we are finding our way through hot rodding.

4 States, 3 Time zones, 2 sets of brothers, once a week.

Join us for the meat and bolts of car restoration.

Jan 31, 2020

Episode 0167 - Auto Lending with Val

We have a great guest with us to talk about auto lending. While not traditionally associated with Hot Rods, auto lending is still a necessary evil for most people. Val will help us understand the ins and outs of it.


Show Notes

Wall Street Journal Article on Negative equity:

Jan 26, 2020

Episode 0166 - Trucks in Texas and Time Travel

Train gets some more work done on his truck then we roll into some feed back with Lefty and Hollywood from before and finally go back to the future for the rest of it.


Show Notes:

Foam Block Engine

No Body Else’s Auto Junk...

Jan 19, 2020

Episode 0165 - Misfire on Cylinder #1

Today we talk about misfires, fuel filters, Throttle Position Sensors, ignition coil clips and more broken stuff, Lefty talks catches up on the new year goals and gives a project update on his Hudson and Caprice.



No show notes this week, just good 'ol orange cones from the...

Jan 10, 2020

Episode 0164 - Hot Rods in 2020

Project updates, goals and even bets from last year and new ones from this year.


Show Notes:


Plastic U Joint replacement:

U Joint Picture:

Jan 3, 2020

Episode 0163 - 5.4 Spark Plug Issues

Delving into the world of misery that is the Triton 5.4 engine's spark plugs. Failure and laughs are sure to follow.


Show Notes:

Spark plug problem on 5.4 engine

Removal tool for stuck...