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Welcome to B Squad Hotrod where we are finding our way through hot rodding.

4 States, 3 Time zones, 2 sets of brothers, once a week.

Join us for the meat and bolts of car restoration.

Dec 28, 2019

Episode 0162 - Cash For Clunkers with Rob

Rob joins us to talk Cash for Clunkers, Car Dealerships and Math. Good information is bursting at the weather stripping... because math.


Show Notes:

Cash for Clunkers:

Dec 20, 2019

Episode 0161 - Aaron the Miata Racer

This time we have Aaron on to talk about his Miata and Spec Miata racing. And Ice Racing. And to correct us on our cars. And, well you better just buckle up and enjoy this one.


Show Notes:

SCCA Racing:

Aaron's local Chapter:


NASA racing chapter...

Dec 13, 2019

Episode 0160 - Cars and Christmas

Talk of giving car parts, gift cards and trusting others to buy you the "right" part for Christmas.


Show Notes:

Slip Yokes

Fun Pics:

Nov 28, 2019

Episode 0158 - Hate Mail, Fiero and More

We dive into feed back with our first piece of real hate mail, more on the Fiero engine swap and more!


Show Notes:

Jalopnik Supra SEMA article:

Motortrend Drive Shaft theif atricle: