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Jun 28, 2017

Episode 0036 - Specialty Tools 2of2


Woodchuck, Train and Lefty finish up the specialty tool run-down, then talk helicopter bearings in one of the largest Orange Cone Re-routes yet.


The Episode Picture is from Todd aka "Quicktime" of his Mustang II which he has won many races with it in circle track.   It is a 74 mustang 2 , with a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder , a ford 8.5 rear end with 345 rear gears , and a factory pinto 4 speed.  It has since been turned to a street car.


Show Notes:

1:38 - Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)

3:30 - OBD-II Code reader

8:29 - Hammer and Dolly set

YouTube link here:

10:50 - Windshield
locking strip installation tool

13:04 - Glass handlers

Seal pullers -
15:55 - DO NOT USE

17:45 - Do use:

22:44 - Ball Joint fork

25:14 - Ball joint removal and install kit

26:12 - Pitman arm puller

29:15 - Bearing and seal driver kit

34:47 - Slide hammer

37:05 Fuel pressure test

39:46 - Ignition tester

44:05 - Spindle Nut Wrench/socket

57:19 - Clutch alignment tool - 1:08:28



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