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Jun 15, 2017

Episode 0034 - Hot Rod Bells and Whistles

How much is too much?  We talk about how many goodies, bells and whistles are too much for a restomod.  Restoration are obviously not what were talking about this time.  But when you're supping up your ride, how far is too far?  Also included is an Orange Cone Reroute on copyright law.

Show Notes:

2:40 Paint color

Show car paint jobs


3:38 Sunday driver paint - 2 tone


4:32 Opalescent paint job Also prismatic, candy, or pearlescent


5:39 None Factory racing stripes


6:41 Eleanor paint style


6:41 Same car different paint


9:10 Memory fixation really called Mental Set!!!


10:10 Intellectual property and paint schemes


15:55 Factory paint chips and color codes


18:42 Glass cockpit


19:25 Episode 0007 - on Audio for hot rods


20:39 West Coast Customs xbox mob


22:10 Race seats - heated and cooled? Are we crazy? yes !


24:05 Diabeties


24:43 Mercedes supercars


26:03 Murph workout


28:52 Electric windows for classic cars


29:44 Led car lights



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