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B Squad Hotrod: 4 guys building cars and hot rods

Welcome to B Squad Hotrod where we are finding our way through hot rodding.

4 States, 3 Time zones, 2 sets of brothers, once a week.

Join us for the meat and bolts of car restoration.

Oct 18, 2018

Episode 0103 - Making it fit

What happens when the "bolt on part" doesn't fit? B Squad explores the three F's of how to make that part fit.


Show Notes:


Diamond T (Not Diamond Rio) Pumper Truck

Mouse Milk

Oct 13, 2018

Episode 0102 - Finding Train's Project

Craigslist is scoured by B Squad to help Train find a project truck. Also some black lash from Trains comments about paying for your project.


Show Notes:

Fire Trucks

Oct 7, 2018

Episode 0101 - Paying for your hot rod

Ever wonder how to pay for your hot rod project? We discuss ways B Squad would and would not pay for their projects.


Show Notes:

Paying for your hot rod project:

How not to do it:

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Buy a lotto ticket - Lefty’s numbers after the camaro

Sep 28, 2018

Episode 0100 - B Squad's Hot Rod

The four members of B Squad try to build and then Frankenstein the ideal hot rod out of a 70's GTX.


Show Notes

Train’s Car

“Bronze” color

Sep 24, 2018

Episode 0099 - Mental Health and Cars

An Interview with Timothy A Wienecke, MA, LPC, LAC where we talk mental health and cars.


Show Notes

Tim's website:


Tim's Podcast:


Foundation 1023: