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Apr 28, 2019

Episode 0130 - Protecting Your Car Paint

Paint and how to keep it lookin' good. All brought to you by B Squad.


Show Notes:

Don’t hit anything
Don’t get hit by anything (parking lots)
Keep in a garage
Keep waxed
Remove debris
Keep a car cover on it
Keep Salt off of it (from the air and ground)
Clear coat it when painting
Protective film

Only way to have a perfect finish again - Paint it again
Clay Bar
Polishing (with polishing or cutting agent)
Scratch removal


Car Fax article on paint protection

The Car Guys article on paint protection

Popular mechanics article on washing a car including the “Three bucket method”

Paint Restoration Kit from 3M on NAPA online

Video on YouTube from 3M

Essex Terraplane

Trains Truck



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