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Jul 19, 2017

Episode 0039 - Door Mods, Fuel Injection and Eleanor's Weight

A three-fer from B Squad this week on how far to modify a door, fuel injection talk and wager on the weight of woodchuck's Mustang.


Show Notes:

0:50 Door actuators

2:35 window regulators

3:40 aftermarket kit for electric windows installation

5:35 door jam stuff

6:15 Door skins

6:56 changing door swing

9:16 door linkages

10:24 Door panel retainers (little plastic thingies)

11:50 discussion on if you should and how much to modify a car door so it can be worked on

18:40 episode 34 reference how much is too much

20:40 multiport fuel injection and throttle body fuel injection

20:20 fuel injection benefits vs carburetion

23:44 fuel pressure for fuel injection

24:05 additional systems needed for fuel injection

24:45 Carburetor diagram

25:10 changes in altitude affecting carburetors

26:10 changes in temp attempting carburetors

27:25 block heaters

28:25 B-squad wager stock curb weight for woodchucks mustang ???

30:20 video game Orange Cone Re-route while woodchuck finds info

32:10 street legal F1 car production car

30:50 small talk til steve finds his curb weight

33:40 1968 ford mustang fastback 2+2 390FE thunderbird special v8 4 speed is 3340 lbs

34:24 bet weights
Woodchuck 2898 lbs
Hollywood 3727 lbs
Train 3525 lbs
Lefty 3600 lbs

42:00 roadkill go-cart side track

42:30 Hotrod Hero Mark with his 91 Geo Metro WITH A B SQUAD STICKER!



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