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Jul 11, 2017

Episode 0038 - Car Security B Squad Style

Car and hot rod security is discussed this episode.  Topics include prevention, recovery and insurance.  As always, B Squad antics take place.  We highlight Paul's '82 Camaro.


Show Notes:


0:45 Barret

1:00 knight rider

1:40 cut off switches

1:50 car locks

2:40 Darwin Awards

4:50 Manual Transmission theft deturents

5:15 shaved door handles

7:10 remote starter failure

10:20 S.U.X. 2000 -- Actually the 6000 SUX

11:15 RFID unlock why keys cost $200

12:00 removable steering wheel

13:40 codes to start or keep car running

19:10 Lamborgini in basement

27:55 Recovery options

-GPS Tracking 3rd party systems

30:30 Grand Theft Auto

34:30 Onstar:

36:00 Non Mandatory Insruance States:

39:30 Hagerty Insurance



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