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Jul 5, 2017

Episode 0037 - Clutch Replacement via Lefty

Lefty and Woodchuck talk about Lefty's clutch replacement and associated items, Train phones it in...literally.


Show notes:


0:40 Call to Train (no answer)

0:50 Call to Train’s Wife Anna (no answer)

1:20 Topic Ideas

2:10 Son’s Helicopter visit
Robinson R-44

4:05 Anna Returns Call

5:30 Nick’s Clutch Issues (PT Cruiser)
Dry Clutch
Leaks Rear Main
Transmission leak

7:15 Troubleshooting clutch problems

10:20 Oil Consumption baseline in engines vs leak

11:00 Do Not Consume Automotive Fluids

12:30 Working on front wheel drive cars (PT Cruiser)

13:35 Rear wheel driver trans removal (very simplified)

14:15 Modular clutch assembly

16:15 Shotgun Seals!?!?!

16:35 Train calls back

17:30 how you know when to replace a seal or not to, and over parts

21:30 Train joins

23:50 proper way to replace a seal

24:15 Speedi -sleeve

25:50 Train gets caught up

26:45 Flexplate vs Flywheel

27:55 Larry’s 1954 F100 Frame off restoration episode pic



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