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Apr 20, 2017

Episode 0026 - Suspension and Motorcycles

Motorcycles, Feedback and Suspension.  All very Punny.  We start with an off topic section that was actually recorded in the middle of the episode.  But it is about motorcycles so how can we go wrong?  We have an e-mail from a Hot Rod Hero in New Zealand and then on to suspension.   It's a bumpy ride, but it should put a bounce in your step.


Show Notes:

Steve from New Zealand Share’s his 58 belair and 56 Chevy wagon with us.

How Suspension works

Shocks Vs Struts



1:37 Train’s outlaw motorcycle -

3:49 Ural Motorcycles -

4:47 Royal Enfield -

5:24 Honda Valkyrie -

6:34 Viper engine motorcycle -

6:40 Aircraft radial engine powered motorcycles -

19:28 Independent Rear Suspension for Steve’s mustang -

26:06 Constant Velosity joints -

37:35 Spring compressor -

41:45 Blinker fluid prank -

48:55 Leaf spring ballista -

49:30 SCA heavy combat -



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