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Feb 13, 2017

Episode 0018 - Brakes by B Squad

Lefty retells skidding off the road and gets a score of 6.3 from the judges.  Then we all jump into the brake system.  Wondering off topic no less than 3 times(and probably more).  CAUTION!  there is an unpleasant hissing for a very short segment in this episode.  See the show links below.


Show Links:

@15:12 Brake Diagram -

Disks and drums -

@18:54 I meant to say manual brakes here not mechanical

@22:51 Aircraft dual brake system -

@31:51 Disk E-brake system -

@33:05 Woodchucks rear end -

@35:05 Ridler award -

@37:52 Wilwood Brakes -

@42:37 Sintered Metal and Semi-Metalic brakes are NOT the same thing -

@44:33 Episode 13 -

@48:17 Pressure Bleeder - Here’s a premade one from JEGS

@53:37 Brake Fluid -

***1:04:50 CAUTION:  Unpleasant audio hissing here the show’s end due to an education for train on why not to hiss into the mic.  While hilarious, it does make some (Like Lefty) throw out their ear buds.


As of the publish date of this episode B Squad has no sponsorship or affiliation with any of these companies or products.  These particular links were picked for illustrative purposes only.


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