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Jan 17, 2017

Episode 0014 - Car Systems and Parts 101

Train Hollywood and Woodchuck stumble through all the parts of a car without Lefty.  This will be a base for future episode in which we get into these topics in detail. 


While this is probably review for many of you Hot Rod Heroes out there, we thought it important to share for those who don't know and review for us.

Because B Squad can hardly remember where they were supposed to be instead of working on the car in the garage.


Product spotlight link:

2:44 Jegs stool -


Show links:

35:24 Lefty thinks train is full of it -

35:24 Train proves he’s not full of it

37:31 Optimum fuel air ratio is 14.7:1 -

40:50 yeah i can post charts, and when you can use this one proficiently then we’ll talk - Lefty - (power band)



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