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Nov 14, 2016

Episode 0005: Car Painting Equipment

Continued from Episode 4, the three of us talk about the equipment it takes to do the painting the process on a car.  What to do with equipment, What not to do with equipment and how boom is bad.


@4:37 - Conventional Spray Gun,default,pd.html?ref=pla&zmam=31282435&zmas=47&zmac=726&zmap=dewndwmt70779&gclid=CjwKEAiAu6DBBRDDr6-e_6698E0SJACvuxny6UYBlo-ETuzphd0ALyMfs5UBvpSoReSCM7TmhWg0ZhoCv3bw_wcB


@5:39/11:47 - HVLP Spray gun


@8:44 - Turbine Spray System


@11:14 - Oiless Air Compressor


Oil Lubricated Compressor


@22:00 - Torque Sticks


@31:22 - Zoro duct fan


@31:22 - Intrinsically safe fan


@35:16 - O’reilly’s oil disposal program


@37:30 - Masking Paper


As of the publish date of this episode B Squad has no sponsorship or affiliation with any of these companies or products.  These particular links were picked for illustrative purposes only.


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