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Mar 13, 2017

[Bonus] B-Squad Bonus Episode 1

This is a Bonus Episode.  We are talking about something other than cars.  Please let us know if you like it, hate it or otherwise don't care.

In classic Orange Cone Re-Route Fashion Lefty takes us in to uncharted territory by asking about our favorite firearms.  We put aside cars in this bonus episode and talk about other things that are on the boys of B-Squad's minds.

Except for the part about turning Lefty's Hudson into a show piece with hardware in the back.

 Show Notes

6:26 Barrett -

9:41 Remington Competition over/under

9:53 Mossberg Silver Reserve

10:22 Remington 700

12:20 Remington Wingmaster

12:30 Smith and Wesson 1911 PD

15:32 Remington 870 Express

16:50 AR-15 (like you don’t already know what an AR-15 is)

20:26 Oops Steve got this one a little wrong, it’s a CheyTac INTERVENTION not an Interceptor

21:23 AND now it’s Lefty’s turn to get one messed up, it’s a M1928, not an M1929, Thompson submachine gun

23:45 AGAIN Lefty calls it wrong, it seems that REMINGTON makes the model 1100

24:00 Drilling combination gun

24:58 Romanian PSL

27:03 9mm Makarov

28:25 PT-92

28:30 FN FiveSeven

29:06 Beretta Neos U22

32:56 Sig Sauer 1911 22

34:28 Savage 17 HMR rifle

37:03 Smith and Wesson Model 41

37:28 Ruger 10-22

38:38 Hogue Rubber grips



We don't get paid for anything in normal episodes, we're certainly not getting any money for this Bonus Episode today when it gets published to the inter-webs.

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