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May 29, 2020

Episode 0182 - Tool Time with Lefty

Lefty talks good tools, good deals and how to find deals on good tools.


Show Notes:

Best deal running
Bahco 8in adjustable wrench - $22.50

Same from snap on - $78

Gearwrench drive shaft wrenches adv price $150, got for $80 new

Not sure why i bought this
4 piece 11in pliers set - $23

Specialty allen - $9 (bonus didn’t notice it was for 2)

Tekton allen keys - $16

Center punches - $11

Crescent wrench brand ford wrench - $28

Martin tools 11” adjustable auto wrench total cost $54

19ea Nicholson needle files $25 (lost lots of auctions for these) adv price $10-15 per file

Hammer face - snap on $17 ebay new $8

7in mini dikes - Retail- ~$70

>>>> Okay alternative Channelock 7.5in diagonal cutter - $30

Duck bill pliers $35


Standard wrench set $115

Shorty wrench set $130

Semi deep socket set - retail- $170

Gator Socket (Not B Squad Recommended):



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